About Us

When Bryan was a young boy the one thing he wanted more than a deep voice and long spindly legs, was control. He would seek out small forms of control wherever possible, starting with 16 man halo lobbies and graduating to 40 man raids.

Who should I delete off my friends list today?

…10 year old Bryan could be heard saying gleefully. Back in those days xbox live had a hard limit of 100 friends which provided young Bryan and opportunity to feel a modicum of power through weekly friend purges. If you were offline during those dark times you were prone to be forgotten. Cleansed from his list and his life.

Today he has mellowed, but still the call for control tugs at his enlarged shoddy heart. And from time to time certain incidents trigger his compulsion, one such event occurred with the mods of /r/digitalnomad.

The residual hate from that event now radiates from his cells increasing his base metabolic rate. This is the secret to his thin and lean physique. But in order to surpass his muscle mass and increase his fat percentage I need to decrease his BMR and thus I have bought him this site.

Please join the discord: https://discord.gg/dzcm6nx